Realization, after we lose something is the most terrible feeling. Those things mostly become one of the great repertories in our life later. We always value those things which can give some useful aspects in every matter, but we never think that anything is not created futile in this world. Even a little stone has some perspective on creation. But we go through its importance when we lose it. Losing things is not as easier but sometimes we realize it when it’s too late. We might watch things similar, but they wouldn’t feel same. Watching and feeling is something two opposite expressions of words. Watching is what you see physically but feeling that thing is more important that what it keeps inside. Mostly people watch but they don’t feel and many feels but don’t watch. These both separately sometimes lead us not to see useful aspects of things. But by combing, both keep realizing us by having those blessings in life.

Let make observations; a baby is nothing without a mother. Baby needs her the most in early ages especially. Because a baby perceive both qualities of watching and feeling though if we take ourselves then we see a baby with only one perceptive, but not with that quality that is feeling. That’s a big fault in us. Mother takes care of her baby needs because only she knows what her baby feels otherwise she will lose her baby in any aspect. This look quite complicated but understanding things in early concept are more important to save things which might get lost by us later. Similarly, some children do not understand their old parents feeling. They just watch them physically but do not try to understand what their heart says. And the life passes without realizing what they actually need from their children.

Realization is bitter when nothing seems in hand. Then nothing could be done other than heartache we feel. We keep taunting our souls why we didn’t save those things at time.  We never realize our relations, our time, our age, our work, our education, and our youth and, slowly and gradually lose them one by one. We come anonymous and stay anonymous and then go from this world anonymous without seeking the real perspective of life. We never care about our relations until we lose them. Until we lose our children, our parents, our other family members. We never care about time which is passing like a fast running horse and lose it by our absence of blessings which could be found rarely in us. We pass each year and our age passes on without any realization of getting into an adult phase.

We lose the most beautiful phase of life that is youth. Just because we don’t value it as we don’t know how precious this phase is until it’s gone.  A beauty lies in this phase. An energetic, beautiful, strong and full of life person can make and do anything and these qualities are found in youth phase. Now it’s all about what we feel and how we watch these things in our mind. Because about feelings, this is a precious thing to take hold on. Rose loses its identity, charm and beauty when its time is gone. Time once gone could never be brought again. Rose has its own time for blooming and then it droops away. This is all about the inner competency that how much realization and blessings influence us to achieve that target beyond borderline.



♥♥♥ I'm just that simple girl who tries to be nice to everyone, who tries to understand everything, I'm unique and awkward at times, but I can be funny or anything else anyone wants me to be. That's who I am. :)


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