Sometimes we never expect changes in life. And sometimes we expect much more that never happens. But moving through expectations or in between possibility or doubts makes a person somewhat prepare for the things which could be face in the future. But when it comes for facing them, people get feared to handle short-term problems but, however it leads to a road of success. You could never expect the same sky in the world. Somewhere you will see it close to you and somewhere very far from you. Even stars look quite different in a huge sky. But this is all about perceptions and thoughts. The way you watch things or pick them in your mind. It’s something philosophical thinking, but it’s the matter of choices you make. Sky looks close to you only when you want to see them close and far when you want to see it far. This is all about success and short-term, long-term problems too. If you see your problems small enough, life would get easy.

The winter evening looks so painful when sunset occurs and the gird sun hides somewhere and spread the winter chill evening. The snow continuously falls from the sky to give the feeling of cold and chill night. The tree gets naked by falling its leaves to enjoy this terrible winter. The birds start hiding themselves in their nests to protect themselves from cold. But still some dies. Some little birds couldn’t bear that terrible cold although they tried hard to hide.  The grey cloudy sky looks so tired from winter like an old man tired of his life. The green grass dries away and becomes a barren land of sand and snow. The empty benches would be covered with snow and no man would be seen  at all.

  But can you believe these are only your perceptions. You take things the way you want to. But have you ever thought that one day this winter will be over and there would be a great sunny day. There would be all greenery around than snow. The tree would be filled with green fresh leaves which would look even more pretty and attractive than the last year.  The birds would lay eggs to increase their population and new lives will start breathing. The grey cloudy sky will turn to dark blue sky with a beautiful sun. The barren land will once filled with green grass and flowers. The benches would be filled with life, with people.

However, these are all about perceptions you create in your mind. Because in every aspect, you have to face short-term problems to reach a long-term happiness. But it’s all up to you how you watch your problems. Because after every problem, there is something big waiting for you.  Because after every failure, there is a success waiting for you, but based on struggle and patience you did, because life is all about failure, success and moving through it.



♥♥♥ I'm just that simple girl who tries to be nice to everyone, who tries to understand everything, I'm unique and awkward at times, but I can be funny or anything else anyone wants me to be. That's who I am. :)


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