A short message… !!


       Did you ever experience a kind of pain in your heart? Did you ever feel loneliness among a crowd? Did you ever need a kind of heart which do not get annoy? These questions are mostly unanswerable for most of the people. The reason behind it lies in our unwanted wishes and fantasies and seeking for perfections. Did you ever see perfections in this universe? We are the prisoners of our own desires. When we move towards the perfections, life gets ironic and miserable. How could you get that thing which doesn’t even exist? Our life wishes are to get love; to get money, to get success etc and all these things makes perfect and beautiful life. But think once, did you ever see a single person on a planet getting all these things? If someone has money, maybe he wouldn’t be happy with that, as sometimes money takes away your peace. If someone gets love but sometimes love too takes away your peace. And if you get a lot of success, then people around you takes away your peace. So what did you conclude? These things matter when inner and outer peace is there. When there is no destruction inside you or there is no destruction outside in your environment.

      Peace can only be achieved only when you stop running for perfections, and you start believing yourself, you start focusing on your character, your mind and your identity. People usually fantasy about a hero or a heroin in their life. They think over it and waste half of their life. They think of a love stories like movies. They think of a man, that he would come for them on a white beautiful horse and take them away to a castle of fairy tales. But when they see the real face and facts of life, they couldn’t accept that. They feel miserable and heart ache. And you know why this feeling comes? When you expect more, and you think of a prince charm like movies. Even a prince charm of movies has nothing special and perfect in their real life. Life cannot be perfect. There are ups and down. Just focus on giving not taking and expecting. You would surely feel a peace around you and inside your soul too. Mostly our generation focus on a love either true or fake but they need time to spend with. Focus on their life, in real they aren’t happy. For a time being they enjoy but mostly they don’t know what peace is.

     Love for the sake of Allah, you would surely feel happy. Don’t make fun out of people and love them as they are creations of your LORD. Bear patience and calmness in your personality. Use beautiful words for people as your LORD ask to. Don’t make pride out of things and burn your ego. Respect your relations as these are hard to build and seconds to destroy. Respect feelings as your words can hit them badly. You feel happy when you take things positive, you make things positive, and you look for perfections in the imperfections. Try to find perfections in your loved ones by ignoring imperfections. You will definitely feel a lucky one. Trust your LORD. Trust yourself. Appreciate for what you have. Don’t cage someone. You are not supposed to make cage and bound people. Give them freedom of speech, freedom of living and freedom of thinking. Don’t impose your feelings, your thoughts and your orders on other person. Let them live their life and seek happiness in theirs. All these things in this universe need perfections in your eyes to appreciate them. Obey just a simple formula;



♥♥♥ I'm just that simple girl who tries to be nice to everyone, who tries to understand everything, I'm unique and awkward at times, but I can be funny or anything else anyone wants me to be. That's who I am. :)

8 thoughts on “A short message… !!

  1. This whole post is like pearls of wisdom, very much able to be written in double quotes. Love your Ideas friend, You are right perfection should lie in our attitude not in the way we see our life with the eyes of our wishes. Hope you are doing fine 🙂

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