Innocent Desires Of A Bird.. !!










I am a bird,
Epoch from life,
Being caged,
And doleful,
Dreary moments,
Being alone,
Deplinish all desires,
And murder,
Giblet feelings.

I am a bird,
Wants to fly high,
Amply of life,
High proof flight,
Trallopish from world,
Highest peaks of hills,
Frisk in flowers,
To be a legend,
That flies free,
I am a bird,
But people eroded,
My wings and arms,
Made me,
Pessimist from life,
Wants to fly away,
From world of humans,
Because I am not born,
For the world,
Let me fly away.


♥♥♥ I'm just that simple girl who tries to be nice to everyone, who tries to understand everything, I'm unique and awkward at times, but I can be funny or anything else anyone wants me to be. That's who I am. :)

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