Escape .. !








Escaped from worldly desires,
Being broken to hold pieces,
Of one owns heart perception,
Esthesia of being death alive,
When failure touches you,
And insults you in front,
You kept hating world,
And that hatred makes fug,
Tears flow and flow,
And heart kept murmuring,
Go and escape..


Balcony Love..

1014301_596586820393557_1902527408_nFragrance of roses,
Keeking from balcony,
I kept waiting,
For having a sight of her,
Peeping through pane,
Can see a lamp,
And a golden hair,
Shining like a glitter
In the bevy of roses;
The pinkness of skin,
And the shadow,
Of manhood,
Makes her charming,
And compels me,
To continue,
Balcony love.

Suffocation Of Life.. !!








Encumbrance on my heart,
Suffocation in my breath,
Puling my soul,
Fug all around,
Want to ensky,
Like a fowl in sky,
Ward me,
From storm,
Of confinement,
My arduous life,
Compels me,
To rescind,
My soul and;
My corpus.

Innocent Desires Of A Bird.. !!










I am a bird,
Epoch from life,
Being caged,
And doleful,
Dreary moments,
Being alone,
Deplinish all desires,
And murder,
Giblet feelings.

I am a bird,
Wants to fly high,
Amply of life,
High proof flight,
Trallopish from world,
Highest peaks of hills,
Frisk in flowers,
To be a legend,
That flies free,
I am a bird,
But people eroded,
My wings and arms,
Made me,
Pessimist from life,
Wants to fly away,
From world of humans,
Because I am not born,
For the world,
Let me fly away.

Inure Fondle.. !!

images (20)Glimmer night,
Luculent stars,
Takes to a baby step,
Towards cordial feeling,
Hoick my hands,
And hides me,
In the argent,
Of night,
Cordial feeling,
Moves in and in,
In the heam,
And flew me,
From being friends,
To fondle of endearment,
Slowly and calmly,
I take each step,
And drenched,
In my soul,
And the ocean,
Of dandle,
Watched with lief,
And sank me,
Lento and poco.

Childhood Jingles !!










Fruition of childhood,
When on small dalliers,
We kept laughing;
And on merry go round,
Bickers with children,
Dancing on a jive,
Having carefree life;
And to fling books aside,
Bawl a cycle a fast,
Then chuckles and chuckles,
While doing must;
And sprint in alley,
Doing miniature roguery,
I still remembered,
That childhood jingles.

Belle Girl And The Frustration Of Dingle… !!!

558666_10151235480528185_285564297_nMy soul taunts me
Pinches me
I cried
No one heard my echo
I called
No one came
All alone
Being depressed
Need you the most
You left me
By mocking me
I was there
When you need
Me the most
I found nothing
In my times of need
Go and find;
The nature of me
An empty hand
Finds nothing
Walking like a stray girl,
My destination is no one
Except me and my loneliness
Do not come;
When nothing is left
Realization is specific
For a people;
Keeping feelings
I cried and;
In the dingle
I am scared of tomorrow,
Have nothing
Just scars on my heart
Hurts me again
And again;
I negotiate
With an angel
Paved my tears
Had a glimpse
In my heart
Finds nothing, but;
Purity and sincerity,
Everyone left me
The ones for I did the most
I am belle girl,
Tears in eyes,
Desperate feelings,
Dumfound mind,
And tacit lips,
Would never call you..


               The role of youth can’t be ignored when it comes to the progress of an organization or moreover a nation. It is the youth that’s known the virtual foundations of a country, full of energy, enthusiasm and handwork brings nations up. It is youth who fight battles, it is youth who develop soft wares, it is youth who work in hospitals, and it is youth who build skyscrapers. The power of youth is as much important for the progress as water is important for the life.

                It is not rare to hear the phrase “Pakistan’s future is very bright, because we have a seven crore youth population.” Most don’t even know whether the exact number is six, seven or eight. But, the problem with this assertion is quite simple, an army can have the best weapons in the world, but if it doesn’t use them properly and effectively it still loses the war. The same is true for our youth I would be stupid to deny the fact that our youth in a large percentage of our population (66% in fact) and that it is full of talented people who have great potential. Yet, the problem remains the same if they and their potential isn’t used and channelized effectively their won’t not only be anything to gain but also there would be much to lose.

             This talented youth is led towards the violations, instead of mending the worse situations they boost it up even more because of complexes found. I’d rather say that this 66 percent young energetic youth can change the future and we can say yes Pakistan’s future is bright if we, the youth think for ourselves to bring positive change in ourselves.

             Pakistan is facing many problems, one of the highlighted one every day we read in newspapers is bomb blasts, murders, rape, father slaughtered a daughter, mother killed unborn baby, all these comes in extremism. Extremism is our main problem, it affected our youth the most, economy on second, national image on third and above all our identity.

             Our elders, including Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Allama Iqbal, shah Waliullah and other prominent elders they gave us the roadmap for spending our life now it’s our duty to out root this cancer, extremism from our lives. This is the duty of youth to overtake this scenario. Our youth is the last hope to bring change and end up this tradition of ‘’killing in order to revenge’’’. A revenge is not always to kill, we, the youth are the keys to education, education would bring progress as in china, the youth isn’t fighting, they are rising to the peak with the help of science and technology. Our youth is talented as well. We can bring such changes by campaigning against such ideologies.

            We, Pakistani youth is facing same situation that European youth faced a decade ago, today they’ve seen everything and we are still to see that. We are facing terrorism, we the youth would move forward to defeat this ideology, this trend of answer a simple question with a gun, yes defeating an invading enemy is our religious right but in a proper way. In a proper channelized manner. The finest nations include small groups who channelized the progress.

           Our armies fight in Waziristan, orakzai agency and other parts of the country so that we live in peace. They are the youth as well. Youth fights for youth, it’s our responsibility to help them in their initiatives, it’s the youth killing the youth specifically in Karachi, we the youth has responsibility to educate ourselves so that we could know that yes we are 6 crore, we wouldn’t be confuse how much we are in quantity.

         Pakistan is facing a lot of problems regarding militancy and extremism groups. Military operations are not decipherable of full action of our country. People and government of Pakistan are taking steps against extremism groups, anti-Pakistan terroristic and foreign elements of Waziristan. These toilful steps even can’t change conjuncture and people put all their blame on government, but they forget that government is not responsible for this position, but we are the people and youth of Pakistan is not taking any step. We are not playing our tret. What did we have done until now? If we muse upon all situations, then I should conclude that it’s a responsibility of people and youth to fight against this menace.

        Even different organizations are run to fight against extremism groups. One of the FOREIGN TERRIORIST ORGANIZATIONS which are U.S designated and linked to the militant group i-e Al-QAEDA name Al-SHAHAB or THE YOUTH. It’s one of the youth organizations which fight there in Somalia. Usually youth asks what should we have to do and what’s our role in all these conjunctures. According to them, they can’t fight and they can’t save country because no one wants to fulfill their responsibility, then why they put all their blame on government? I should say then it’s not their right to show any anger for government.

        International Islamic University of Islamabad recently became victim by two suicide bombers and for that our youth gave lame excuses and blamed government for all these. No one even there rose to handle situation. No one agreed upon fighting. Educated youth are so hopeless and do not believe on doing anything or fight for themselves. Some of motivated and encouraged youth leads a rally. These are our future leaders which know how to defeat the situation we are facing today.

        Think over it and think about those youth including men and women, about their courage their motivation that fought a battle against these terrorists. They know no one can break them so they were not afraid of anyone. Even children in many countries fought battle because they know their responsibilities. If children can fight so why not us?  Are we not motivated enough? Yes you are motivated enough and only this can make a difference. Only one slogan can make a big difference.

         Student’s best weapon is pen and a book. This is a time for a change and this weapon can bring a change. Change doesn’t mean to develop a new military takeover, but change means to safe people from those horrible deaths take place by terrorists. We are moving even more towards a worst situation, but we can overcome all agitate by education and by clerisy youngsters. Don’t underestimate yourself, don’t underestimate your powers. No one needs any money; any organization, any help, but a belief in him/his self can defeat any power.

        Youth should be educated, their belief can lead to win, and they should believe in their own armed forces and should save those innocent souls which deserve to be alive. If you didn’t sag down to India in 1965, then why sag down to these few terrorists. Show them your power and save your brothers, sisters and mothers from this horrible death. Can’t you provide any change to this country? Can’t any youth leads country and defeat militancy and extremism? Yes we can do. Do you?

        There is light at the end of the tunnel but only if we have the will and patience to pass through. The youth of this country is undoubtedly its biggest asset and it is up to all of us to make sure it serves its purpose in the best way possible. The purpose of writing this is to not spread despair but to highlight the challenges that lie ahead and to resolve our capability of meeting those challenges, a capability, which is more than adequate only when combined with hard work and patience.

O’ Youth!
Reliance on fecundity,
You are the sequin of tomorrow.
O’ Youth!
Hindsight on brio,
You can lead a best one.
O’ Youth!
Broil against extremism,
You can do it.
O’ youth!
Stop carnage of innocents,
You are the sunshine of tomorrow.