O’ Paramour

551825_516789765001646_1862311773_n.jpgO’ Paramour!
Look towards a sky;
And stars,
Admeasure my dandle,
Dispatch towards spring,
The little flowers,
Having fragile petals,
Speaks to you,
Something my beloved!

O’ Paramour!
Listen to the silence,
In the darkling of night,
Whispered in the ears,
Telling the tale of endearment,
Look towards ocean,
The ocean is having no limit,
Observe that calm water,
I lie inside that my beloved!

O’ Paramour!
Hear the droplet sound of rain,
Each drop falls;
And seems to be crying,
Looks something like amatory,
Baby smiles by watching mother,
Perfect love story than ever heard,
Hear a tune played on guitar,
Those verses would tell you story of mine my beloved!


♥♥♥ I'm just that simple girl who tries to be nice to everyone, who tries to understand everything, I'm unique and awkward at times, but I can be funny or anything else anyone wants me to be. That's who I am. :)

2 thoughts on “O’ Paramour

  1. This is beautifully written. I like your blog, followed. would like to know about you if you update the About page. Happy Blogging. 🙂

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