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             It was about 1993 morning, and I started kicking from inside to my mommy’s tummy. She felt severe pain and everyone in the family got worried and took her to the hospital. Finally, after brooking severe pain she gave a birth a baby girl who was me. I started crying when I saw many people around me. My papa, my grandma and grandpa surrounds me. I was astonished and looked at them. They were watching me dearly. Then, my mummy took me in her lap, kissed me and adores me. I can see the glance of tiredness in her brown shiny eyes along with a dark circles. I found myself in guilt that I really unkempt my mummy. I was happy as I met new loving people, but I loved mummy and papa the most. I saw in their eyes the gleam of endearment. But mummy was worried as doctor advises her to take care of my health as I was a bit weak baby.

           Now I was at home. Many people came and congratulate my mummy as she had given birth to a baby. My papa and my mummy were quite happy and they took great care of me. My mummy did a lot of travail on me for making me a healthy baby. Time moves on and I was growing. Everyone loves me a lot and I was happy being a laudably baby of my parents. And, after a year on 17th December my birthday was celebrated as I was about one year old. Everyone came and gives me a lot of surprises. I enjoyed that day very much. I was on mummy and papa’s lap. And, the time never stops so it goes on and on.

          It was about September in 1995 and one day suddenly my mummy and papa brings for me a baby brother. He was such a cute baby and he looks like a Chinese guy. His small eyes which seem it wasn’t opened as they were so small. Well, but his smile adores me. Mummy always keeps him in her lap and then I started jealous of that little baby. I started thinking why he always cries and devil thinking comes in my mind that he might be trying to seek attention of my parents. I laugh on myself right now by thinking over past. Well, after a year he started walking and then we became friends and plays together. I realized he was a cute and nice brother. I should not make him an enemy. I love my family me, brother, papa and mummy.

         Times went on and I was now a little girl of about six years and I got another brother. I was surprised to see that little angel. He had a quite semblance with me. I loved that baby. But that time I was quite naughty and loved teasing my brothers. And, then one day unexpectedly my father was called by abroad company and he went there. I really missed him. Now there was no one for whom I wait in the evening. There was no one who takes me to school on his bike and gives his helmet to me always. I love that person a lot who doesn’t even care for him just to protect me from surroundings. I was sad for him. But after a year he called we and we went abroad to papa. I was such a cherub kid as I collected things in a plane for my papa. That was our first ever visit to a new place.

           I was happy and loved that place a lot. But there we had no relatives and after some days I started missing my country, my place and my people. After a few days, I had a lot of friends there in a flat. In a year we also pay a visit to our country and I always get pleased to meet them. Time moves on and on and we were getting younger. My mummy was a great housewife. Indeed, she was a great leader and knows how to manage home and her children. She was quite active woman and even until now she bears all that qualities. I didn’t find any other couple best than my parents. They have an outstanding mutual understanding and I always loved it. (Mash Allah)

          We lived abroad about five years and then we returned to our country because of our educational crises. I was about 13 years that time and continued my study in my country. After completing my school level I admitted in college. Now the time was changed. I was a grown up girl now. I was not quite mature that time and then I started looking upon my society and our social problems. I learned a lot of things around me. I was not a kind of boring girl, but I enjoyed a lot being there with my friends. I had a great time in college. I was an outstanding student, but a bit lazy girl. After a lot of hard work, I admitted in medical and now I am a medical student. I am a grown up, mature and dignified girl.

         I love my mummy papa and brothers. They are my whole world. I have no sister, but I am happy in being such a nice family. My mummy is my best friend. This article doesn’t mean to show you people my life. I want to thank God and my family as what I am today is just because of them. I am nothing for people, but I know my worth, my value. I respect those from whom I get respected. I am an honorable, dignified and sophisticated girl being grown up in the hands of king and queen. I mm they’re  little princess 🙂


♥♥♥ I'm just that simple girl who tries to be nice to everyone, who tries to understand everything, I'm unique and awkward at times, but I can be funny or anything else anyone wants me to be. That's who I am. :)

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