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Just walked along a road,

In a cold and lonely path!

A reflection of characters,

Can be seen, 

In the dark and cold night,

Among the tall and huge buildings,

Desperate people can be seen,

Life is like a guitarist,

Playing a tune in the sad evening,

Feel the deepest feeling of life,

The feeling of being,

The strongest among all,

Life is not always fair to all,

A sign boards and the road signals,

Not always determines where to go,

Trap the first catcher of an eye,

One cannot,       

Speaks my language;

And the one who speaks,

Wouldn’t be my language,

I m here,

Because of You,

I will be known,

Because of You,

I m not me,

I lie inside you,

You can see in me,

The reflection of you…


♥♥♥ I'm just that simple girl who tries to be nice to everyone, who tries to understand everything, I'm unique and awkward at times, but I can be funny or anything else anyone wants me to be. That's who I am. :)

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