Education means the whole development of a child, making them capable of acquiring knowledge, to develop the power of reasoning so that they can survive in the society. Pakistan is the country where the literacy rate is found to be the lowest among the world. The educational condition is grim in Pakistan. The educational crises are mostly seen in the rural areas due to social, moral and cultural obstacles. Pakistan is the country where female education is mostly ignored due to the unawareness of knowledge as well as the knowledge of Islam.
More than 40 percent of the girls never ever enrolled in the schools, Colleges and universities even. If we have look upon all the provinces of Pakistan so we will find that more specifically KPK and Baluchistan women are severely affected by the lack of education because they are mainly bound by the cultural prejudices. Similarly, some other places like northern tribal areas; the female education is strictly prohibited. The area of KPK and Baluchistan, where the literacy rate is found to be lowest as it stands between 3 percent and 8 percent. Basically the problems apply on both boys and girls but the serious problem of access applies on girls especially in rural areas of Pakistan, where they are not allowed to travel alone from home as it is not a demand of our society. Similarly they are supposed to stay at home. Their parents find no need of educating their daughters as they will not going to be the sole earner of their home. Parents mostly favor sons for education as they will be the future earning hands of their families and any investment upon the girls would not bear any food as they have to live with the family of their husband. Not only this, militant groups in different areas of Pakistan specifically in KPK has blasted almost thousands of girls school. Extremist groups are against women education and they almost stopped education in many rural areas by giving threats and threatening letters to the government and private schools and in this way about 51 percent of the women are forced to just bear children for their husband. Women are just forced to stay at home and just take part in cooking and cleaning. Pakistan is facing a big problem regarding female education and government is playing no role in establishing, promoting and encouraging females towards education. An educated woman is observant to her duties. She knows her part in playing a moral role in the growth of nation. Similarly, by educating a woman means to educate the whole nation so she passes on education to her children. Uneducated women cannot understand her husband’s problems and cannot be a good wife, because there will be no mutual adjustment while on the other hand the educated woman will be refined and matured.
If I will be given an opportunity for a scholarship from a college, I would surely use it for an education purposes. First priority should be education, as it builds up the character and strong moral values of a person. As a girl, I would prefer more on my education to become a respectful, resourceful, refined lady in the society in the coming future. I want to be lady, known in a society. I want to be a daring daughter of my nation. I want to be laudably daughter of my parents. I want to be a refined and matured wife of my husband. I want to be an educated mother of my children. This all would be possible only because of education, and in this way it will change my entire life. I would be known an educated citizen of country. I would be treated as an educated woman throughout the world as well. As a girl, I would like to suggest my people that do support your daughters, your wives, and your sisters, mothers to achieve and acquire knowledge and education, because education is as much important to them as for the boys. If males are sole earners of their family then females are the back vehicles of males.
Nation would proceed towards success only if both genders should be educated and qualified. There should be no gender discrimination. Our Islam says as well that education is necessary for both male and females. Government should make plans regarding female education to enhance and motivate them in the field of knowledge and education. The main problem lies in the laws of Pakistan which is weak. Polices of education should be changed. There should be equal access of male and female education. There should be made awareness in the rural areas of Pakistan to establish education and precede the nation towards success.


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