I am a girl
With a spiritual soul,
Dances in a shadow,
In the amid of bevy,
He touched me
And takes me,
To the world of nymph,
I live inside darkness
In the darkness of night,
In the shadow of trees,
Hold me,
I need you,
Just took a baby step,
Towards you,
My spiritual soul calls you,
Either gets me
Or leave me
In the eidolon of nature,
My phantom would taunt you,
I know myself,
I live there,
Where you can’t reach,
You live in worldly life,
I live in the land of nymphs,
Boulevard calls me,
I walked bare feet,
On the burry road,
I am a fairy,
Lives in your heart,
I am a peace,
That resides in soul,
I am an angel,
That kisses your fortune,
I am a girl,
That dances in rain,
Like a shady evening,
Adaptable with time,
You will search me,
In the prone of mountains,
In the depth of an oceans,
In the rainfall,
In the coldness of snow,
And then;
My tears would tell you,
The distance I travelled,
Come to my heart,
And listen that whispers,
That shouts in pain,
But I kept dancing,
In the shadows,
Of lonesome waylay.



Yusra Iftikhar

“A women’s heart is an ocean of secrets..”

Quote # 2

MOTHER …. !!!


    One of the blessings of Allah is mother. Indeed, paradise is beneath the mother’s feet. The birth of a child completes women’s entity. Mother bears all pain just to bring her child in a world, but forgets all her pain after seeing her innocent baby in her lap. She helps her child to take first step of life, but she never leaves her baby alone to take a first step, she supports in each step. She keeps awake at night just to comfort her baby. Mother is an important person of each child’s life. Mother carries her baby for nine months, but never refuses it and gives birth to her child.

         Today I want to mention my mother. Most of my topics are related to her as I love her the most. She is my motivation, my struggle. I always love writing about her because I don’t have anyone more lovable than her. Until now we spent a lot of time enjoying every moment. She has a big part in my life, she is my inspiration. She is the person who influences me as she has both positive and negative impact on my life. I think I can’t imagine my life without her.

       She is more than my mother, she is my sister, my best friend, and she is everything, my whole world. I found her always with me in my thick and thin. She supports me whenever I feel down. I saw her couple of times praying for me. Whenever I feel sad I found her on my back mollifying me. We always went to walk together. I think she is the only women in the world who listens my all glozes. We laugh together, we do must together. She protects me, and she is always with me.

      She helped me even from the first day, kept awake at night just to comfort me. How can I thank her, I can’t! I can’t thank her for what she has done for me. She taught me how to behave, how to manage, how to treat people, how to survive in society. Maybe she is not perfect, but she is perfect for me.

      What I am today is just because of her. She always tried throughout her life to make me a better person. She never stops me for what I like to do, or what makes me happy. She trusts me, and she knows what her daughter is. She knows I am not an ordinary girl to be hung around in wrong things. She taught me what limitations are, she taught me what moral rules are. She trusts me, and I would never break her trust.

      She supports me in my goals and in my ambitions. I study hard because I don’t want to make her sad. I want her to feel proud, and want her to feel as her daughter is the best in the world as she is the best mom. I obey that rules which she has been restricted on me because I know she can never be wrong in anything.

      That’s not an end. We even fight and I know I am not a best child, but she always makes me feel that I am god gifted for her. When everyone else turns away, she is on my side.

     I don’t want to end this topic. I have even much more to say, but words can’t express what I feel for her. May ALLAH bless her with good health. Thank you AMMI for everything …. 🙂

SUCCESS .. !!!!










Wondering on my life,
Watching helplessly,
Epiphora on cheeks,
In a deep fovea,
Disparately waiting,
For a luster,
Of success,
Ah! Dark sky,
And black clouds,
Pushes me down;
Beneath fovea,
The jadish path,
Ensanguine my feet,
But I have a faith;
Faith upon me,
Time will move on
And on;
Until wait for a luster,
Of tomorrow,
My footprints would be,
Followed by the world,
The darkness of night will;
Vanish forever,
And the brightness,
Of actinism will;
Remain forever.

O’ Paramour

551825_516789765001646_1862311773_n.jpgO’ Paramour!
Look towards a sky;
And stars,
Admeasure my dandle,
Dispatch towards spring,
The little flowers,
Having fragile petals,
Speaks to you,
Something my beloved!

O’ Paramour!
Listen to the silence,
In the darkling of night,
Whispered in the ears,
Telling the tale of endearment,
Look towards ocean,
The ocean is having no limit,
Observe that calm water,
I lie inside that my beloved!

O’ Paramour!
Hear the droplet sound of rain,
Each drop falls;
And seems to be crying,
Looks something like amatory,
Baby smiles by watching mother,
Perfect love story than ever heard,
Hear a tune played on guitar,
Those verses would tell you story of mine my beloved!


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             It was about 1993 morning, and I started kicking from inside to my mommy’s tummy. She felt severe pain and everyone in the family got worried and took her to the hospital. Finally, after brooking severe pain she gave a birth a baby girl who was me. I started crying when I saw many people around me. My papa, my grandma and grandpa surrounds me. I was astonished and looked at them. They were watching me dearly. Then, my mummy took me in her lap, kissed me and adores me. I can see the glance of tiredness in her brown shiny eyes along with a dark circles. I found myself in guilt that I really unkempt my mummy. I was happy as I met new loving people, but I loved mummy and papa the most. I saw in their eyes the gleam of endearment. But mummy was worried as doctor advises her to take care of my health as I was a bit weak baby.

           Now I was at home. Many people came and congratulate my mummy as she had given birth to a baby. My papa and my mummy were quite happy and they took great care of me. My mummy did a lot of travail on me for making me a healthy baby. Time moves on and I was growing. Everyone loves me a lot and I was happy being a laudably baby of my parents. And, after a year on 17th December my birthday was celebrated as I was about one year old. Everyone came and gives me a lot of surprises. I enjoyed that day very much. I was on mummy and papa’s lap. And, the time never stops so it goes on and on.

          It was about September in 1995 and one day suddenly my mummy and papa brings for me a baby brother. He was such a cute baby and he looks like a Chinese guy. His small eyes which seem it wasn’t opened as they were so small. Well, but his smile adores me. Mummy always keeps him in her lap and then I started jealous of that little baby. I started thinking why he always cries and devil thinking comes in my mind that he might be trying to seek attention of my parents. I laugh on myself right now by thinking over past. Well, after a year he started walking and then we became friends and plays together. I realized he was a cute and nice brother. I should not make him an enemy. I love my family me, brother, papa and mummy.

         Times went on and I was now a little girl of about six years and I got another brother. I was surprised to see that little angel. He had a quite semblance with me. I loved that baby. But that time I was quite naughty and loved teasing my brothers. And, then one day unexpectedly my father was called by abroad company and he went there. I really missed him. Now there was no one for whom I wait in the evening. There was no one who takes me to school on his bike and gives his helmet to me always. I love that person a lot who doesn’t even care for him just to protect me from surroundings. I was sad for him. But after a year he called we and we went abroad to papa. I was such a cherub kid as I collected things in a plane for my papa. That was our first ever visit to a new place.

           I was happy and loved that place a lot. But there we had no relatives and after some days I started missing my country, my place and my people. After a few days, I had a lot of friends there in a flat. In a year we also pay a visit to our country and I always get pleased to meet them. Time moves on and on and we were getting younger. My mummy was a great housewife. Indeed, she was a great leader and knows how to manage home and her children. She was quite active woman and even until now she bears all that qualities. I didn’t find any other couple best than my parents. They have an outstanding mutual understanding and I always loved it. (Mash Allah)

          We lived abroad about five years and then we returned to our country because of our educational crises. I was about 13 years that time and continued my study in my country. After completing my school level I admitted in college. Now the time was changed. I was a grown up girl now. I was not quite mature that time and then I started looking upon my society and our social problems. I learned a lot of things around me. I was not a kind of boring girl, but I enjoyed a lot being there with my friends. I had a great time in college. I was an outstanding student, but a bit lazy girl. After a lot of hard work, I admitted in medical and now I am a medical student. I am a grown up, mature and dignified girl.

         I love my mummy papa and brothers. They are my whole world. I have no sister, but I am happy in being such a nice family. My mummy is my best friend. This article doesn’t mean to show you people my life. I want to thank God and my family as what I am today is just because of them. I am nothing for people, but I know my worth, my value. I respect those from whom I get respected. I am an honorable, dignified and sophisticated girl being grown up in the hands of king and queen. I mm they’re  little princess 🙂












Being a naughty,
Being a cherub,
Words gone useless,
A light of dawn,
Gives me hope,
And some words then;
Catches its meaning,
A melody of morning,
And a chirping of birds,
Gives a life a way;
Towards hope,
A glimpse of cloudy evening;
And a rhythm of nature,
Precede me to an unknown path,
A silent lake,
And a silence of nature,
Compels me to peek,
Inside me,
A rise of a sun,
And a storm of yesterday,
Means a duality,
Of humanitarian,
The atrabilious eyes,
Finds its way,
The way towards darkness,
Standing all alone,
With a hands searching;
For candid person,
Looked towards past,
A long footprints of solitude,
From a childhood;
Can be seen,
Take me to the ocean,
The ocean of endearment,
Heart is full of tranquility,
Lead me to your place,
I need placidity.


            While holding a cup of coffee, in a chill parky evening, thinking of some moments that vacillate in mind. That atrabilious evening hauls me to some dreary moments. Who I was and now who I am? While thinking of that small little kid. Those moments tow me to some past memories and I was lost in that jingles. I saw myself standing behind a little child doing appliqué in cross-country. Oh! Look at his sweat and this incalescence of sunshine. Moot started arising in my mind why this calor doesn’t affect him?  He moved towards his father at evening by finishing his work. I can see in his eyes the glimpse of tiredness. But why he was alone where are other siblings of that kid.  I even saw him coming back to school in such a sunny weather with torn shoes in his foot and no money in his pocket. 

        Ah! I stopped my pen and espy across a window. That was such a cold and foggy weather. Everything was such quite and calm. I sat on the rocking chair near inglenook, while closed my eyes and again get back to those misery memories. I saw that little kid now a bit grown up, who was a kind of sensitive and proficient boy. I saw him susceptible for his family. It would be rather better to called him a daring boy who got shot just to save his family members.

      I opened my eyes with fidget and found an epiphora on my cheeks. I saw across a window. Now it was quite dark and everything was ensconce with snow, it seems like nobody lives here, just a silence, me and memories of that boy.  I started thinking that, that was also a cold weather when he had been shot and admitted in hospital. Alas! I can feel that pain. Again, moot started arising in my mind how did he suffer that pain?  Did he love his family in such an extent that he can be hit for them? Is his life is nothing for him?

       Now he is a fine and dignified man, a charm in his personality. He is a complete person now, but why his eyes seem to be searched to love. His light brown round exhausted eyes has a fake impudent. His fair shiny skin with atrabilious eyes constrains a person just to watch him. He was on coercion to leave his house by his family members. No one listens him. He was mentally shattered. Why did his family do this with him? Why? Can’t they realize his sacrifices, his compromises, his pains for the family?

      I become fidget, distracted because I can feel the way the person being ignored, being annoyed, being rejected. I saw my empty mug and smiled sadly. Life is indeed like a mug of coffee. Sometimes full sometimes empty. After a few minutes I prepared another mug of coffee. It was now about 12 of midnight. After taking a sip of coffee, hold my pen and started writing on a diary and went back a couple of years back.

      He had only little money in his pocket and I saw him sitting in a road corner thinking about something, and after a few hours he was sitting for an interview. He was too small for all that jobs, but he did once again. He wasn’t onus on someone else throughout his whole life. He did all hard works, but then he came back for his family. Didn’t he give sacrifices? But why no one sees that he needs endearment? Why?

        Suddenly home goes dingily, I lightened candles and sat in front one of them. Flake of candle seems dancing in a darkling of night and enlightened the area, just like that boy who spreads his talent all along.

       The boy indeed fed up in the hands of lady. Isn’t his mother a lucky woman who kept him in her womb for about nine months? Man who has its own moral rules. Man who was taught to stay strong emotionally. A well-mannered, sophisticated, decent and a kind of mature man who has the ability to handle whatever the situation is! Now many people want to live a life-like him. He is indeed a daring and virility gentle man.

       At a meanwhile all the bulbs once again started glowing, and I felt a chilled breeze of that cold winter and took my shawl tightly thinking of those moments and smiled acrimonious with a tears in my eyes and prayers in my heart for him. I closed my diary and sat on a rocking chair in front of fire light having an image of that boy and sing some verses from one of my poem for him;



O’ boy listen!

To this dreary night,

Silence whispered in my ears,

You are laudably for success!


O’ boy listen!

My heart wished;

And silence whispered in my ears,

You are gonna be sunshine of tomorrow!


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Ah! Proceed!
Verity of Brio,
Standing all alone;
And a touch of hoer,
That dallies of miniature lass,
With a nymph circle,
And the love of an ephebe;
Carry lass,
From a faerie,
Truism of life,
Is somewhat acrimonious,
But dandle,
Diminished the acridity!!